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Dewatering and Drying Engineering


Prof. Trygve M. Eikevik, Assos. Prof. Odilio Alves-Filho

Recommended previous knowledge:

It is recommended to have one or both of the two following courses TEP4255 Heat Pumping Processes and Systems and TEP4265 Food Engineering


The lectures will focus on design and use of heat pumping technologies within the food engineering area with directions of conservations focused on dewatering and drying. Keywords in this area are; Properties of food, physical parameters as water activity, sorption isotherms, rehydration, and mechanical properties. Thermal efficiency and energy use in drying and dewatering processes. Fluid bed drying, drying chambers, spray drying, heat pump dryers, freeze drying, evaporation systems. The course will be organised and adjusted according to the needs of knowledge in the project and master thesis.

Course material:

Compendium and selected publications

Teaching method:

Lectures and study groups, practical training.


Give detailed knowledge within applied refrigeration and heat pumping technologies together with the most central dewatering and drying technologies within the food processing industry


3.75 study point

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